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The Society was set up to raise awareness of the history and heritage of the ancient parish of Hemingbrough. The ancient parish includes the villages of Cliffe, Osgodby, Barlby, several hamlets in the area and the village of Hemingbrough itself. The aim of the society is to improve the environment of the village and surrounding areas by providing attractive community facilities and preserving our history and heritage. Take a look through our website to discover more about the history of the parish. We hope you enjoy this website. 

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The History and Memories of BOCM Selby

Compiled by the Parish of Hemingbrough Historical/Heritage Society. 
Funded by Heritage Lottery  

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All proceeds towards preserving the heritage of the ancient Parish of Hemingbrough.


 Hemingbrough Community Memorial Garden                


Sunday 14th November 12.30pm

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 Hemingbrough Parish Council in conjunction with PHHHS


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